Ad DataQuality of Service (QoS)Session Data

The more you know, the more you can do.

Our extensible, scalable, and reliable platform delves into your real-time workflow data, providing powerful insights that inform meaningful improvements. Armed with flexible data delivery, notifications, and alerts, you make faster and better decisions to optimize your offering and grow your business.

Ad data

Verizon Media exposes your workflow, from the moment ad breaks are triggered to when ads are delivered, including impressions, response size and times, error rates, timeouts, and more.

Quality of Service (QoS) data

Our platform continuously evaluates the health of your assets and delivery to ensure your users enjoy the highest levels of service. We help you detect issues in real time, diagnose the root causes of problems, filter out noise, and correlate across multiple event sources.

Session data

Get the high-level and detailed data you need to understand your viewers’ behavior patterns, from audience size and total simultaneous users, to average duration time and playback starts.

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