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It's not just security, it's peace of mind.

Our comprehensive security services take on the time-consuming task related to protecting your digital presence, so you’re free to focus on other areas of your business. We bring specialized skills and integrated tools to the assignment, whether you need technical support to configure web application firewall rules, mitigate a DDoS threat, or analyze security logs to identify and isolate threats. From on-demand advisors to dedicated experts, we have a solution to keep your business safe and secure.

DDoS Mitigation and Response

Included with all support plans for websites on the Verizon Media Platform are DDoS mitigation and technical support, protecting your websites and applications from Layer 3, and Layer 4 attacks 24 x 7 without any extra tools or costs. This service includes access to our experts who can assist you in responding to DDoS threats and attacks in real time.

Cloud Security Advisory

Our knowledgeable team of security professionals delivers technical support and tunes your Verizon Cloud Security products—optimizing your Verizon Web Application Firewall (WAF), anti-DDoS, and bot management products—to deliver maximum protection from threats while maintaining elite performance for legitimate users.

We are available to consult on an ongoing basis, as well as on a project basis, to help you develop a comprehensive web application security strategy.

Managed Cloud Security

Verizon Media's Managed Cloud Security service uses advanced log analysis and heuristics to reduce alert noise and fatigue, so you remain focused on your most important security threats. This powerful solution combines the power of our global network, analytics capabilities, skilled security response team, and application security specializations, with the breadth and scale of Verizon Media's Global Security Services.

Rest easy knowing that your digital business is monitored 24 x 7 by trained security professionals around the world using the most advanced tools and latest techniques to keep your web applications, data, and users safe from breaches.

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