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Leverage our Media Platform to protect your infrastructure.

Massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks severely disrupt website performance and, in some cases, can take down your entire server infrastructure. Our Media Platform defends your business against attacks designed to overwhelm your network infrastructure. Your sites remain available and perform to their full potential in spite of the largest attacks.

DDoS Protection

We’ve got your website and your back, with our 24 x 7 DDoS protection that automatically scans, identifies and removes DDoS attacks on our distributed network edge—before they can impact your web servers.

DDoS Management

Attacks will happen. We help you win the battle. DDoS management gives you access to our 24 x 7 DDoS support line and is included with paid support packages. Our security experts are ready to assist you in responding to DDoS threats and attacks in real time.

DDoS Shield

Be ready to mitigate advanced, multiprotocol DDoS attacks with an on-demand scrubbing center that provides a mitigation SLA. DDoS Shield protects against Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks. Active filtering allows only legitimate traffic back to your enterprise infrastructure, effectively eliminating the “backdoor.”

Origin Shield

Infrastructure attacks can do more than add unnecessary load and increased costs––they can result in downtime and interrupt your ability to conduct business. Verizon Media possesses more than 130 Points of Presence around the globe, so we have the bandwidth to help absorb even the largest attacks. Our Origin Shield solution can also improve application performance by enabling caching between our network and your origin servers to ensure peak performance and protection.

Route DNS

Built on our Anycast network, Route DNS rapidly distributes large volumes of requests across our global edge, preventing a DDoS attack from overwhelming DNS servers. Route DNS supports DNSSEC to prevent cache poisoning and our easy-to-use management console offers a wide range of self-service options.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption

Our Media Platform uses TLS certificates to encrypt your web content to prevent data theft and other tampering. Establish and maintain secure HTTP connections while leveraging OCSP stapling to protect your data as it moves from the origin through our network to the user and back.



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