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Leverage our infrastructure to protect your infrastructure.

Our platform defends your business against attacks designed to overwhelm your origin infrastructure. A leading DNS solution and a high-capacity global network work together to keep your applications available and always-on, even when your servers come under assault.

Route DNS

The Verizon Media Platform features Route DNS, one of the largest, fastest, and most secure authoritative Domain Name Systems available. Route DNS is built on IP Anycast technology, so it resolves DNS queries anywhere in the world with the highest reliability. 

Reinforced by multiple redundancies and failovers, Route DNS makes sure your website is reachable around the clock, and that your applications perform to the best of their ability.

Origin Shield

Infrastructure attacks can do more than add unnecessary load and increased costs––they can result in downtime and interrupt your ability to conduct business. Verizon Media possesses more than 130 Points of Presence around the globe, so we have the bandwidth to help absorb even the largest attacks. 

Our Origin Shield solution can also improve application performance by enabling caching between our network and your origin servers to ensure peak performance and protection.

DDoS Shield

When hackers target your origin infrastructure directly by IP address, they are attempting to bypass our Dual Web Application Firewall. DDoS Shield intercepts the threat and scrubs the traffic. Only clean requests get through so that your websites and apps remain up and running; effectively eliminating the “back door.”


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