Managed Web Security Report: Q3 2020

Learn about the latest cyber threat trends and what you can do to protect your business.

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Dual Web Application FirewallHTTP Rate LimitingBot MitigationSSL/TLS EncryptionToken Authentication

Keep your applications up and running.

Our platform takes a multilayered approach to shielding your business—and your reputation—from the latest in application-layer attacks. Cloud-based security helps you predict the impact of change management and stops advanced threats at the edge before they’re able to reach your servers.

Dual Web Application Firewall

No other provider employs two distinct, full-time firewalls for the price of one. This capability allows you to analyze rule changes against production traffic while still protecting your sites and infrastructure using previously tested and approved rules. The result is a best-in-breed approach to security that maximizes protection while increasing  productivity.

HTTP Rate Limiting

The Verizon Media Platform is one of only a few service providers that configures rate thresholds and enforces security based on rates of request. 

HTTP Rate Limiting guards against DDoS attacks targeting the application layer and API endpoints. Blocking these types of attacks mitigate data breaches and downtime, which can cripple your business.

Bot Mitigation

Our bot management solution secures your web forms and APIs against programmatic attacks designed to steal your data, exploit stolen credentials, and harm your users. This service isolates malicious actors to eliminate unnecessary traffic, ensure availability, lower infrastructure costs, and expedite load times for your legitimate visitors. 

Our bot protection supplies more than peace of mind—it lowers infrastructure costs and provides a better user experience.

SSL/TLS Encryption

Protect your content and accelerate application performance with fast Transport Layer Security (TLS) from Verizon Media. Our platform uses TLS certificates to establish and maintain secure HTTP connections while leveraging OCSP stapling to protect your data as it moves from the origin through our network to the user and back. 

Token Authentication

Take control of your content and ensure that only legitimate users have access.  Token-based authentication blocks unauthorized access and protects against deep link sharing. A highly configurable generation of custom tokens ensures that URLs are only sharable on the terms you define.


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