Platform updates

March 2020
See what it takes to deliver a winning live event like the super Super Bowl, read about our massive network upgrade, updates to tools, and discover a new security release.

See what we're working on.
Dive into the new year with a preview of the enhancements to our media platform we’re working to bring to market throughout the year.

December 2019
Discover the performance advantage of Stream Routing, enhancements to our network capacity, and how we’ve improved security with walfz.

November 2019
Learn about our overhauled streaming UI, how to deliver ultra-personalized content, an easier way to do DRM, and how we helped Yahoo increase viewership.

Sept – Oct 2019
Get insights on enhancements to our Media Platform, take a dive deep into QoE and Ad Server Debug, and register for our security webinar.

August 2019
The latest on our expanding delivery network, 4K streaming, Real-Time Log Delivery, WAF Essential, and more.

July 2019
A technical explainer on how leading broadcasters have battle-tested Smartplay by Verizon Media, our 1 to 1 session management technology.