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Delivering billions of high quality, secure experiences every day.

Everything you do on our platform is supported by a global network setting the pace for performance, safety, and reliability around the world. Ongoing advancements to reach, capabilities, partnerships, and service make our platform a dependable foundation on which to grow your business, now and in the future. 

Global Scale

With coverage across six continents, more than 5,000 delivery partners, and the world’s only native multi-CDN intelligence layer, our network is everywhere your users are. The Verizon Media Platform delivers content to all their devices, in all their locations, at the highest possible quality.

Our massive bandwidth, paired with advanced caching and acceleration technologies, enables faster page load times, more objects served from cache, and unparalleled performance, even during traffic spikes.


The Verizon Media Platform operates as a partnership model, relying on more than 5,000 strategically placed network interconnections around the globe. These peering arrangements reduce the number of “hops” your data has to make, resulting in faster speeds and better performance, even in the most remote geographies.


The Verizon Media Platform features an advanced architecture that serves up your content at lightning-quick speeds. Our massive computing power, IP Anycast routing, and Layer 7 load balancing reduce latency and serve more assets from cache.

Independent, third-party performance tests prove that our platform delivers faster DNS and HTTPS, a higher cache-hit ratio, better time-to-render rates, and quicker page load times.


Verizon Media Delivery combines the best performance and reliability with the scalability and resiliency of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, making your content secure, redundant, highly scalable, and accessible from anywhere around the world. Choose from a global selection of Azure Blob Storage regions, plan for capacity more efficiently, and keep everything within budget by only paying for what you use.



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