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Adapt the experiences you deliver to your users’ desires with intelligent analytics solutions from the Verizon Media Platform. We mine a wealth of real-time data to help you spot important trends, make smart decisions, and implement crucial optimizations. It’s a recipe for building high levels of consumer loyalty and boosting revenues.

Real-Time Log Delivery (RTLD)

Get the data you need to manage your web applications and infrastructure instantly with Real-Time Log Delivery (RTLD). RTLD offers broad customization with the ability to create multiple profiles and for you to have parts of logs delivered to different destinations. Logs describing your CDN traffic are delivered in less than 60 seconds to your web server, or third-party tools such as Amazon S3, Splunk, Sumo Logic, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Report Builder

This customized reporting tool, with access to historical data, offers multiple levels of control on the data query. Create, modify, save, and download custom, granular reports to extract the information and data that is most critical to your business. Reports can automatically be scheduled to run and emailed to key personnel, providing timely insights that enable you to make faster, better decisions. Access is easy via UI or API.

Edge Performance Analytics (EPA)

Edge Performance Analytics (EPA) from the Verizon Media Platform deliver current and historical CDN traffic data to identify usage trends that affect how your business performs. Leverage insights about how your assets are cached and delivered to consumers to build best practices and reduce costs.

Real-Time Statistics

Make performance improvements to your website more quickly with continuous data updates on our platform. Evaluate content as it is delivered to your users and make decisions on how to optimize it based on up-to-the-minute information.



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