It’s about time:

Partner with Verizon Digital Media Services
to launch your OTT service

faster than ever before

The internet is disrupting the world of television in a big way. And it’s about time that every content owner got involved. With Verizon Digital Media Services at your side, launching an Over-the-Top service has never been easier.

It’s about time your OTT service
stole the show

After starting your online video service, the next step is to differentiate your offerings from everyone else quickly, effectively and efficiently. You’ll need to consider how you approach content types, user experience and business models — all of which can be addressed when you have Verizon as a partner and the industry’s only end-to-end online video solution.

For consumers, it’s about time

For content providers, it’s about time

The power of one: Verizon’s Broadcast/OTT Solution

Launching an OTT service has many challenges, with both technical and business complexities conspiring to increase your development time, increase your costs and push back your launch date. The Verizon Broadcast/OTT Solution is the leading end-to-end solution for OTT providers looking to capitalize on the trend toward online video viewing and to help launch new apps, websites and services quickly.

The Broadcast/OTT Solution gives you back the power of ONE:

  • One format to encode high-quality live, linear or on-demand video to every device
  • One place to secure and store all your digital video files
  • One framework to quickly develop multi-platform apps on mobile, tablet, game consoles and browsers
  • One robust engine for monetization through advertising, subscriptions and pay per view
  • One set of analytics that helps you track and improve video performance
  • One digital rights management offering to protect content on any device
  • One worldwide content delivery network to stream high-quality video to viewers everywhere
  • One partner that helps you focus on content creation so that you can continue attracting and retaining viewers