Better service
is flexible.

“We make sure that our solutions fit the needs of customers. Instead of answering the phone with a script to follow, we focus on the best way to quickly solve problems.”

~ Ralf Jacob, president

Flexibility in action.

When issues arise, we know that a quick response makes all the difference. Some matters are just more urgent than others. We enable customers to define their own priority on tickets. It’s our way of ensuring they receive an appropriate and fully prepared response. Take Lenovo, for example. After experiencing threats of extortion with DDoS for Bitcoin, they were able to immediately escalate their ticket priority. Our entire team reacted with the immediacy that Lenovo needed and blocked the attempted theft. DMS for the win!

The following were nominated for better service in the flexible category:

Arun Thomas

Solutions Architect | London, UK

“Arun has helped the UK sales team secure some of the largest strategic opportunities out of EMEA including Porsche, Centrica and Norwegian Airlines.”

Brett Davidson

Network Engineer | Playa Vista, CA

“Brett is a diligent, hardworking person who is not only constantly alert about network traffic issues, but also helps and assists other members of his team. His dedication to his team and work is outstanding.”


“Brett Davidson goes above and beyond to help his team and provides exceptional service to both internal and external customers. I can provide over a hundred examples of how he goes above and beyond for his team and this company, but one recent example is how during his week-and-a-half ‘vacation’ to Hawaii, he ended up working pretty much the entire time, helping us with a Microsoft event in which we needed all hands on deck to assist with shaving traffic. His energy and enthusiasm for the job rubs off on anyone that works with and/or around him.”

Nick Larralde

Senior Solutions Engineer | Basking Ridge, NJ

“Nick is willing to do whatever is necessary to get our customers onboarded. He is happy to write scripts, push the product team, and even try building a sandbox for testing. He is awesome at being flexible.”

Ashley Plourde

Director of Client Services | Burlington, MA

“Ashley always starts with, ‘How can I help?’, and then leverages her internal network to solve whatever challenge is at hand, with a smile on her face. Each customer interaction is unique, and she not only understands what makes each customer feel valued, but is proactive and works in advance of anything being shipped to a customer, to point out potential points of failure. This helps her and her team respond to any challenges quickly.”


“Ashley has a unique ability to identify and correct issues before they escalate to be ’major.’ Through her diligent review and follow-up on each support case, Ashley is able to direct attention to and prioritize cases immediately. She has an outstanding rapport with other functions, such as Development and QA, and is able to solicit their advice and assistance when needed. She is also well respected and valued by our customers. Her leadership and influence is always positive and results in ‘Better Service.’ Since Ashley took over Volicon’s customer support group, customer satisfaction numbers have improved and the number of customer escalations to upper management has gone down. I can’t think of a better candidate to exemplify the ‘Better Service’ model.”


“Ashley manages the operations group in Burlington and is always open to finding a better way to support our customers. She and her team consistently put the customer first.”


“Ashley exemplifies all of the ‘Better Service’ tenets daily while dealing with both external and internal customers. She is always paving the way and ensuring quick response time.”


“Ashley goes above and beyond for customer requests/needs, and while there are a lot of processes in place, she acts on the best interest of the customer, even if it doesn’t fit within the process.”

Frantzy Jean-Claude

Senior Application Engineer | Burlington, MA

“Frantzy is part of our Senior Application Engineering team. He is knowledgeable, approachable, and extremely hard working. He works late and long hours to further the case escalation queue and to ensure that our customers receive solutions to escalated issues in the shortest time frame possible. His dedication has inspired others around him to also put in additional time and really own the escalations that they are working on.


A recent example of Frantzy going above and beyond is his work with Channel 4 in the UK, an ongoing, complex and challenging customer issue. Frantzy has been working around the clock with both Volicon engineering as well as the onsite engineer, to gain all that is required to move things forward. He consistently stays late to review data dumps, always keeps himself available to the onsite engineer, is thorough in all the steps asked of him by engineering, and is careful to make sure that the customer and onsite engineer are always aware of the progress. Without Frantzy’s drive and focus, the road to resolution for this type of issue could be quite long. His perseverance in ensuring all data points are collected and provided to engineering in the quickest manner possible (frequently at the expense of his personal time) expedites resolution greatly. Frantzy is often the driving force behind issue resolutions that customers never even know about. He is the little elf that comes out at night and fixes all of their problems.”

Better service is flexible.