Protect Your Website with HTTPS

Secure Your Content While Improving Search Engine Rankings

Are you paying a premium for HTTPS delivery?


Upgrade to HTTPS and pay no additional costs for securing your content

Security, performance and a high ranking in Google’s search results are key ingredients that make up a successful website. Did you know that Google and other leading search engines now use HTTPS encryption as a ranking signal, which affects your position in their results? That means that switching from HTTP to HTTPS will improve your search engine rankings, allowing you to increase your website’s overall traffic.

Armed with HTTPS encryption in our DELIVER and PROTECT products, using TLS or Transport Layer Security (formerly SSL or Secure Sockets Layer) certificates your website will be faster, easier to find and always available. Plus, your website will be backed by Verizon Digital Media Services’ secure-by-design content delivery network (CDN) for always-on performance.

And for a limited time, Verizon is offering HTTPS delivery for the same price as HTTP traffic. Too good to be true? Give us a try.

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