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Smarter insights

with Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology

Today’s advanced over-the-top (OTT) services are powered by a complex architecture, featuring  systems that generate a great deal of data. Some of this data is operational and critical, while others are business related. Only Verizon Digital Media Services’ end-to-end platform provides you with a one-stop solution that collects this data and gathers all the necessary insights you’ll need to make smarter decisions.

Solving your
insights challenges

Lack of comprehensive monitoring tools to make smarter decisions

OTT streaming media travels across several platforms and systems. Because everything has interdependencies, every unaddressed issue can impact a viewer’s enjoyment of your video service. You need to be able to identify issues before they happen to smooth out any bumps.

Difficulty in learning about viewers’ habits and engagement

Your content has to compete for your audience’s attention and eyeballs. So, it’s vital to track viewer engagement so you can quickly reassess your plans to retain and grow your viewership. True insights come from a two-way channel between you and your viewers and the learning that happens during each video stream.

Disjointed monetization strategy

When it comes to monetizing your OTT service, you can choose to offer a subscription or advertising-supported business model. But without insights into what’s driving revenue or optimizing ad yield, how do you know the best pricing models and advertising strategies to employ?

With smarter insights,
you will be able to:

Quickly resolve any issues along the content workflow, delivery and consumption

Our platform’s Uplynk Video Streaming service works seamlessly with our Edgecast Content Delivery Network, allowing you to see the complete journey your content takes from ingest, to delivery and playout. And with Smartplay, you can finally identify and address any issues before they affect any of your viewers.  

Learn about your audience and how to increase their loyalty

With Smartplay, you will gain deeper viewer insights that highlight who your audience is, what they are watching, and how they interact with your branded apps and partner websites. This combination of real-time data and trending information is uniquely mapped against individual viewer profiles, empowering you to deliver personalized experiences for everyone.

Maximize revenue potential of your content

Smartplay makes it easy to track any changes to your video service, from your app’s new menu or content programming, against your key monetization metrics. For example, if you decide to change your advertising placement strategy, you will see how mid-roll ads affect viewer engagement. With Smartplay, you remove the guesswork about your OTT service.

Feature highlights

Enterprise QoS/QoE (quality of service and experience) tools

Access real-time health status and alerts integrated into monitoring, management and failover tools to ensure the highest-quality streaming and service across our platform.

Analytics engine

Get access to invaluable insights into all your viewers’ engagement with our analytics engine. Vital operational information enables you to optimize video quality and network conditions (congestion, throughput strength) for all device types (e.g., operating system, screen size, etc.) Critical business information helps you fine tune your OTT service to engage your viewers better. 

Open APIs and session logs

Discover more about your viewers on an individual level. Open APIs allow data from our platform to be combined with your customer relationship management (CRM), billing and account information. 

Content Intelligence System (CIS)

Get new intelligence to drive agile business and technical decisions. We have combined the best parts of a content management system (CMS), online video platform, digital asset management system and subscriber management to form the next-generation video platform. Our intelligence comes from the insights derived from disparate data sets across the entire content preparation, distribution and presentation workflows. 

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