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Smarter delivery

with Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology

The Verizon Digital Media Services end-to-end platform has the scale to deliver high-quality video to tens of millions of concurrent viewers. And with Smartplay, our 1 to 1 session management technology, you have a real-time connection to each one of your viewers, individually. Their feedback allows our platform to make adjustments and further optimize their viewing experience.

Solving your
delivery challenges

Viewers demand high-quality, instant-on content

More viewers are turning to their mobile phones and streaming devices for entertainment. They don’t have the patience for any setbacks like buffering, lags or blank screens. All they want is a high-quality viewing experience on all their devices.

Different devices with different quality requirements

Streaming to a mobile device on a 3G network requires a different quality of experience than a WiFi-connected, high-definition TV. Your video platform needs to be able to accommodate differing requirements across all of the devices your viewers own.

Network conditions change constantly

Before reaching a viewer’s device, your content has to travel across multiple networks and ISPs, sometimes even internationally. You need to be able to closely monitor network conditions and adjust quality as bandwidth fluctuates.

With smarter delivery,
you will be able to:

Deliver high-quality experiences at scale

Whether you have ten viewers or ten million, you need to deliver great-looking video to everyone. Smarter delivery means you can scale your service quickly, creating individualized sessions for over 35,000 new viewers each second.

Reach every connected device quickly

Smartplay detects your viewer’s device type, browser or player and automatically selects the optimal video quality. Our worldwide content delivery network (CDN) ensures your content reaches your viewers without delay.

Adjust to changing network conditions

No matter if you are streaming a live event, linear channel or on-demand asset, Smartplay is constantly monitoring network performance. Our player updates the content playlist every few seconds to find the optimal quality level that looks great and keeps your content streaming.

Feature highlights

Session manager

Pressing play triggers the session manager to create the manifest that chooses the optimal video quality adaptive bitrate (ABR) stream from our platform. Decisions about quality can be made at the individual stream level, at the CDN edge node, or even at the CDN level.

Super PoP CDN architecture

Rather than spread a few servers in disparate locations around the world, we concentrate our footprint at key points of global interconnection. Our Super PoPs (points of presence) have massive amounts of computing and caching power and are directly connected to all the major backbone and last-mile networks.

Video-optimized CDN

We build our servers with specialized hardware to speed data I/O and reduce latency, especially for live video. Our IP Anycast-based routing is a more efficient way of determining the closest edge server to your viewer, reducing time to first byte, speeding up your video start times.

Global delivery footprint

Our network has over 100 Super PoPs on five continents. We’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars to grow our network by 340 percent in the last 29 months, and we will continue to expand our global footprint to ensure that your content is cached close to your viewers.

Players and SDKs

We offer lightweight players and client libraries that can be quickly added to your apps and websites. Once integrated, they handle all of the complex communication between our session manager and your viewers.

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