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Smarter advertising

with Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology

Integrated into our end-to-end platform, Smartplay provides a real-time, one-to-one connection to your viewer’s device, enabling you to optimize monetization opportunities. Smartplay’s server-side ad insertion technology and industry-standard ad-decisioning system are used to deliver personalized ad experiences across live, linear and on-demand programming. By enforcing advertising business rules according to your monetization strategy, Smartplay enables smarter advertising to help you get the most value out of your online content.

Solving your
advertising challenges

Delivering the most profitable ads throughout your content’s life cycle

Online viewers have the flexibility to watch their program live or on-demand. You may want to replicate the live TV broadcast ads in the over-the-top stream or dynamically replace ads in the on-demand version. Regardless of when your show aired, you need to ensure your ad technology is able to maximize ad opportunities.

Meeting diverse online video business requirements

You need the technology to support your ad strategy, whether that’s delivering programmatic mid-roll ads for your advertising-based service or promos and bumpers for your subscription-based service.

Combatting ad blockers

According to PageFair’s 2017 Ad Blocking Report, 615 million global viewers are now using ad blockers. To support your online video business model, you need an effective solution that guarantees delivery of your ads so you can monetize your content more effectively.

Ensuring a TV-like quality online viewing experience

Your streaming video service must be comparable to the TV-viewing experience your audience enjoys at home, which means no delays or pauses during ad breaks. Your online ads need to play seamlessly and with the same high quality as the content itself.

With smarter advertising,
you will be able to:

Create unique sessions for each viewer, on every device

Smartplay gives you the control to manage and personalize ad experiences in real time for both live and on-demand. This kind of smarter advertising gives you granular control of advertising delivery, at scale, across all devices, whether streaming to a tablet or a smart TV.  

Deliver targeted ads across live, linear or on-demand with one simple workflow

Our platform was built with smarter advertising in mind. Our simplified video workflow creates a video asset with ad markers, which are used to deliver ads, promos or bumpers to meet your business requirements. All live streams are automatically available as on-demand assets, complete with all the ad boundaries.

Maximize streaming media revenue opportunities with TV-like quality ads

Smarter advertising is evident with our cloud-based platform used to to store, process and deliver ads. Smartplay, combined with our server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology, results in ads that are stitched into the video stream and are invisible to ad-blocking technology.

Feature highlights


The Slicer is our platform’s encoder that ingests and conditions videos and ads for seamless online delivery.

Content Management System (CMS)

In our platform’s online portal, you can set up your advertising business requirements for ad load and ad placement (pre-, mid-, and post-roll). This tells the ad-decisioning system how many targeted ad decisions to make in order to fill the inventory for a given session.

Ad-decisioning system (ADS)

The ADS maps existing ad campaigns to available inventory and user profiles. Now you can maximize monetization opportunities by rapidly personalizing ads to any available commercial break.

Server-side ad insertion technology (SSAI)

Provides a better viewer experience with fully dynamic, targeted ads during live and on-demand streaming. Since server-side ad insertion technology stitches the ad into the stream rather than a third-party ad server, it effectively avoids ad blockers.

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