Choose the Right WAF for Your Commerce Website

Verizon Digital Media Services invites you to learn directly from leading industry experts on choosing the right Web Application Firewall (WAF) for your commerce website.

Some of the topics that are covered in this special webcast:

  • Gartner’s strategies for selecting the right cloud-based WAF vendor for your commerce website.
  • The different service models for managed WAF services, and when you should opt for each type.
  • How leading enterprises leverage the agile capabilities of Verizon’s enterprise-grade WAF with its lightning-fast content delivery network (CDN).

This program features two leading industry experts that discuss trends and strategies for selecting the right protection for your business:

Greg Young | Research Vice President at Gartner. Mr. Young is one of Gartner’s leading industry experts in security, and co-author of Gartner’s WAF Magic Quadrant report.

Rob Peters | Chief Technology Officer of Verizon Digital Media Services. Mr. Peters had previously served as Chief Architect for Verizon’s core CDN and WAF, giving him unrivaled knowledge of its capabilities and benefits.

Watch the webcast:

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