Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks 

With DDoS attacks on the rise, you simply can’t afford for your website to go down. Our DDoS protection features intelligent, real-time monitoring algorithms that automatically identify and mitigate malicious activity within two minutes. And our massive network capacity absorbs even the largest DDoS attacks, ensuring your website stays online, protected at all times. 

Built-in, always-on, cloud-based DDoS protection

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Feature highlights

Key benefits 

Ensure your website is always available  


Built-in, always-on, cloud-based DDoS protection secures your website against DDoS attacks and ensures it stays online.

Stop attacks before they happen

Real-time monitoring and automatic mitigation systems keep your website up, your customers happy and your company profitable.


Always-on protection for your business


Rock-solid, always-on DDoS protection shields your business operations and your company’s bottom line from the clear and present danger of malicious attacks. 

Comprehensive DDoS protection

  • Intelligent, real-time monitoring to mitigate 99 percent of network-layer DDoS attacks within 60 seconds of identification
  • HTTP Rate Limiting protects against application-layer attacks
  • Massive capacity of tens of terabits per second absorbs even the largest attacks
  • Protection against direct-to-origin attacks on your website and various attacks to your infrastructure
  • Built on a cloud-based architecture and features port lock down
  • A key component of our comprehensive Cloud Security Solution

Hassle-free speed and security 


Advanced management and reporting tools help optimize your website for speed and security.

Expert support

  • 24 x 7 x 365 U.S.-based support with NOC engineers, not call-center operators
  • Dedicated, results-oriented service aimed at providing insight and assistance to enhance your existing security capabilities
  • Expert professional services that augment your security staff in times of need with dedicated security specialists

Simple deployment

  • 100 percent cloud solution, with no hardware or software installation necessary
  • Easy setup in a matter of minutes with DNS record updates
  • Integrated into the Edgecast Content Delivery Network for enhanced performance and scale

Easy management

  • Automatic, always-on protection – no active management required
  • Automatic mitigation of most common attack types, with no human intervention required
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts to identify changes in traffic patterns