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Your website is your brand, your reputation, your business. Unresponsive and insecure web infrastructure puts it all at risk and can destroy customer trust in seconds. Try our CDN Edge Security Solution today and see for yourself how easy it is to add security, reliability and scale to your website!

The Verizon Media Platform CDN Edge Security Solution not only accelerates every click and download, it also protects your applications against cyberattacks, and gives you the tools to quickly respond to and mitigate intrusions.

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Global DDoS protection

Intelligent, real-time monitoring algorithms automatically identify and mitigate malicious activity within minutes. And our massive network capacity absorbs even the largest DDoS attacks, ensuring your website stays online, protected at all times.

Faster delivery

Our content delivery network can help you realize 30%+ faster page loads plus global scalability so regardless of how much traffic is coming in, or the size of your videos and images, your users get a great experience every time, on every device.

Enterprise-grade web app security

Our unique Dual Web Application Firewall allows you to test proposed new rules while your existing configurations continue to block bad requests. Get more visibility into threats so you can respond accurately to security events, increasing uptime and user loyalty.

Trial Details

With this trial you get Verizon Media Platform’s CDN Edge Security for multiple regions (NA, EMEA, and APAC, excluding China, Korea, and India) and traffic delivery over the course of the trial up to 2TB (max 1Gbps).

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