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I want more speed.

Recent studies show that slow loading pages cause users to bounce to competitive sites, costing you sales and ad revenue. The Verizon Media CDN helps keep users where you want them – on your website.

The Verizon Media CDN is a highly interconnected global network of servers and data centers that improve the speed and security of your website, apps, live and broadcast content to viewers around the world. No matter what device they’re using.

Get a competitive advantage with a faster website.

Try the Verizon Media CDN Essentials bundle RISK-FREE for 30 days to experience:

Faster page loads

Realize at least a 30% faster delivery of content and better reliability to help keep users spending time on your site, regardless of how much traffic is coming in or the size of your videos and images.

Global audiences and growth

Our next-generation network covers six continents to deliver the same fast web experience to every user, whether they’re around the corner or around the world.

Lower costs and increased revenue

Get speed and scale to larger audiences without costly additions. With the Verizon Media CDN you have full control via APIs and developer tools – included at no extra charge.

Give your viewers a better quality of experience that helps your business grow.

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