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Experience serverless computing at the edge.

Functions@Edge, our functions-as-a-service (FaaS) solution, empowers businesses to accelerate their digital transformation strategies and deliver high-performing, low-latency applications for better consumer experiences.

You can deploy and manage applications at the edge without the complexity of procuring, building and maintaining infrastructure associated with operating your business critical applications. Additionally, Functions@Edge introduces flexibility for decoupling components of your application that can benefit from both low-latency network performance and geographic distribution.

Start innovating at the edge.

Choose our Functions@Edge technology to:

Deliver scalable solutions to your consumers

Maximize cost structure efficiency by migrating business logic from the Cloud to the CDN Edge

Reduce operational overhead so your teams can dedicate more time to developing innovative application features

Leverage an infrastructure that combines a low-latency network with high performance computing

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Start innovating with Functions@Edge.

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