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Layered defense for your website

We provide comprehensive, PCI-certified security that protects your website at every level. Leveraging our global cloud-based infrastructure, we offer world-class bot mitigation to defend against automated threats and bad bots, an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your web applications against attacks, robust anti-DDoS defenses to make sure your website remains always available, added protection for your web servers to defend against direct-to-origin attacks, built-in DNS protection with DNSSEC to prevent injection of fraudulent records, and flexible managed security services to augment your own security staff when needed. Our integrated web security services help keep your website operating with confidence.

Advanced bot mitigation

We offer the most advanced bot mitigation solution in the industry to detect and defend against automated threats and bad bots that threaten to exploit your website.

Accurate protection

Our self-optimizing protection blocks 99.9 percent of malicious bots without impacting legitimate users.

Detailed device fingerprinting

We analyze over 200 attributes of information from each client request and detect bots even if they attempt to reconnect from random IP addresses or hide behind anonymous proxies.

Known Violators Database

We protect our customers using both real-time updates from the world’s largest Known Violators Database of bad bot fingerprints, as well as real-time threat intelligence feeds from third-party fraud, spam, malware and proxy lists.

API security

Our API security tracks API clients and monitors acceptable usage, acting as an automatic shield against API hijacking, scraping and abuse.

Challenges and browser validation

We validate that a browser is exactly what it claims to be, and through deep back-end interrogation, make sure that a human is using it, not a bot.

Behavioral modeling and machine learning

Machine-learning algorithms pinpoint behavioral anomalies specific to your site’s unique traffic patterns. We also proactively predict a bot based on correlating dozens of dynamic classifications.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

With Application Layer attacks on the rise, we help protect your web applications and user data with an enterprise WAF.

Highly granular configurations

With an easy-to-use management console, our WAF gives you the flexibility to easily configure WAF policies and tailor your defenses to specific threat profiles.

Real-time monitoring

Our powerful dashboard gives you visibility over what is happening across your network and allows you to define filters and parameters to your specific needs.

White-glove support

Augment your security staff with our 24 x 7 x 365 dedicated engineers.

Anti-DDoS protection

We provide built-in, always-on, cloud-based protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on your website.

Automated DDoS technology

With intelligent real-time monitoring algorithms to automatically identify and mitigate malicious activity, and massive capacity to absorb even the largest attacks, we ensure your website stays online and protected against DDoS attacks.

24 x 7 anti-DDoS emergency response team

We ensure the mitigation of 99 percent of attacks within 60 seconds of identification.

Origin cloaking

Our origin protection capabilities defend your origin even if other layers of security are bypassed, and provide features to improve and enhance the performance of your website.

HTTP Rate Limiting

We protect your website from HTTP flood attacks with highly granular HTTP Rate Limiting that gives you fine-grained control and visibility over your website traffic.

DDoS scrubbing data centers by Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Cloud-based, carrier agnostic, highly scalable DDoS mitigation from Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ DDoS Shield.

Read our blog post to see how we can provide you with comprehensive cloud-based protection even against the largest volumetric attacks, as well as immediate global scalability.

Lightning-fast Domain Name System (DNS)

We offer one of the industry’s leading DNS solutions, with lightning-fast name resolutions to improve your website’s performance and speed up responses to users.

Built-in protection against potent DNS DDoS attacks

We leverage the massive capacity of our network to absorb even the largest attacks. Configured as an authoritative DNS service, supporting both primary and secondary DNS, all DNS queries to your server will ultimately resolve to our secure service.

Built using non-BIND software

We protect you, by default, against common vulnerabilities to the BIND system.

Support for DNSSEC

We ensure the validity and authenticity of DNS queries and defend you against cache poisoning attacks.

TLS encryption

We accelerate your content across a fast TLS connection to protect your data without losing performance.

HTTPS support

We use TLS certificates (Transport Layer Security) to create secure HTTP connections so that your data can be sent securely across the web.

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

We support OCSP Stapling to enhance security while maintaining fast performance.

Encryption from customer origin to our gateway using TLS

We protect the data being transferred between your origin and our CDN.

Token-based authentication

We can grant or deny access to your content by preventing unauthorized users and websites from linking to your content or levering your bandwidth.

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