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What is SRE?

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Network reliability is critical to retaining current customers and a selling point that helps you capture new ones. But how do you ingrain reliability into your business? Start by implementing and continually improving data-informed feedback to balance availability, performance, and agility.   

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How to differentiate your brand from your competition.

Learn how in this introduction to site reliability engineering (SRE). Get the eBook now to:

  • Understand how your company’s culture, capabilities, and organizational structure affect the way you approach SRE
  • Learn how SREs strive to maintain system components in a resilient, predictable, consistent, repeatable, and measured state
  • Examine differences between SRE and other operational roles, such as DevOps and classical ops
  • Learn approaches for adopting SRE in either a new or existing organization
  • Explore key patterns and anti-patterns for introducing SRE in your organization

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