Hacking Web Performance

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Moving Beyond the Basics of
Web Performance Optimization

Despite many performance optimization techniques in use today, web developers still face significant loading issues, especially on mobile. Fortunately, there’s much more you can do to increase conversion rates in this constantly changing web landscape. 

Starting with a review the fundamentals every web developer should master, the eBook then dives into network performance hacking techniques with HTTP/2 Push and QUIC and covers best practices for executing mobile loading and using JavaScript frameworks. Download the eBook to discover actionable techniques for:

Discover techniques for:

Hacking the initial load

Hacking data transfer

Hacking resource loading

Hacking images and animations

Hacking user experience performance

  • Reducing redirects and implementing fast rendering techniques to keep the initial load to a minimum
  • Using readable streams, service workers, and other techniques to increase transfer speeds
  • Reducing loading times by using HTTP/2 Push, modern cache control and other tools
  • Learning how responsive images, increased use of SVG and new bitmap formats can improve performance
  • Keeping a consistent frame rate and feedback response times on every interaction

Get the latest tips, techniques and best practices for hacking web performance with this exclusive O'Reilly eBook. You'll learn, from web developer and trainer Max Firtman, how to improve everything from the initial load and data transfer to resource loading and the overall user experience.