Verizon’s next-generation platform is

the future of media.

Today, video is fueling internet consumption around the world. To reach a mobile-first, global audience you need to deliver high-quality experiences, which requires:

Next-level agility

Make updates quickly and efficiently to your websites and apps.

Mobile-first performance

Deliver seamless, engaging experiences on every device.

A direct-to-consumer relationship

Build audiences with personalized video and interactive ads.

A next-generation platform

Piecing together an online video service from multiple vendors is difficult. You need a single, reliable partner with a trusted, turnkey platform to reduce complexity and get to market quickly.


Our platform allows leading brands and content owners to focus on building an audience while we solve the technical challenges behind the scenes. With our platform, you can:

Deliver high-quality streams

Reach multiple platforms with just a single workflow. No more dealing with multiple vendors that slow you down. Our patent-pending encoding process chops your video, encrypts it and encodes it in the cloud, so you benefit all around – from the security of using your own hardware to the cost savings, flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

Deliver scalable websites and apps

Eliminate complexities that come from stitched-together solutions and launch new services with ease. Use APIs to integrate our services within your workflow. Make effortless changes and respond to events and security threats in real time. Use our global network’s massive bandwidth capacity and advanced caching to handle large traffic spikes.

Deliver flawless viewer experiences

Engage your audiences with addictive experiences. We have a network built for media that ensures the best-viewing experiences regardless of where your audiences are in the world. Our monitoring and compliance services ensure quality of experience, and you can monitor and log live linear or live OTT events with our new OTT Path Monitoring capability from master playout to origination to post CDN.

Deliver personalization

Get the complete picture of who your audiences are, what they’re watching and how they interact with your content and branded apps. With intelligent insights, analytics and tracking, you can personalize your content and targeted ads using our 1 to 1 session management technology. Increase your revenue and ROI by delivering engaging, high-value viewing sessions every time.

Deliver live OTT events effortlessly

Manage and schedule live events right every time without expensive specialized appliances to buy and manage. Our vertically integrated solution can deliver the entire event for you. Publish your entire live event life cycle from pre-to post-event to VOD with just a single URL. Leverage our managed, turnkey Live Event Operations service to increase your event coverage.

While at the NAB Show check us out at these powerful conference sessions.

What’s TV’s Next Act?

Ralf Jacob, President, Verizon Digital Media Services

Tuesday, April 10  | 1:30 p.m. | Location: North Hall Meeting Rooms – N262-N264

Massive innovation throughout the video industry has brought new devices, experiences and delivery models to consumers. But the best is still ahead. Join this conversation about innovations in artificial intelligence, live streaming, mobile, app development and more that will power next-generation video experiences.
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Who Really is Leading in Intelligent Data Management & Targeted Advertising Worldwide?

Chris Carey, Head of Sales, Strategy and Business Development, Verizon Digital Media Services

Wednesday, April 11  | 1:30 p.m. | Location: North Hall Meeting Rooms – N260

Currently, in the ad tech marketplace, there is a real stalemate about the direction and reality of IP-centric data analytics, ad trafficking, delivery and targeting of commercials as well as ad sales for broadcasters. Over and over again there are claims made and disproved.

This panel will focus on the unheralded corporations that are the underpinnings of most broadcasters worldwide and Down Under, as well as the U.S.’s largest broadcast station network. How many daily, monthly and yearly viewers are having their content and ads served up to them accurately and transparently? This is a wake-up call for agencies and broadcasters with real case discussions!
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The Connected Home: Family Life & the Digital Hearth

Jason Friedlander, Director Product Marketing, Verizon Digital Media Services

Monday, April 9  | 11:45 a.m. | Location: Destination NXT N5306DN

Devices are smarter than ever. They talk to one another – and talk at you! Screens are bigger with more beautiful clarity. Video can be accessed in every room; data collected helps make viewing recommendations and ads more relevant. Reality itself will be experienced differently, augmented and/or completely immersive. When combined, how do these advances change the business? How will consumers’ time together be different?
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OTT Technologies: The Role of Computer Vision for Live TV

Guy Dassa, Senior Director of Engineering, Verizon Digital Media Services

Jeffrey Scholz, Software Engineer, Verizon Digital Media Services

Thursday, April 12  | 10 a.m. | Location: North Hall Meeting Rooms – N256

Verizon Digital Media Services recently developed an AI system that detects sports players in real time during a live NFL game. See a demonstration of a multi-process approach for training a machine learning model for player jersey detection, including the BYOD (Bring Your Own Detector) Process – an original solution to manual labeling that leverages early versions of a classifier to reduce labeling time.

Educating Investors with Live Linear Streaming

Katie Ryan, Product Manager, TD Ameritrade

Wednesday, April 11 | 10:15 a.m. | Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino 

The TD Ameritrade Network, an online streaming channel, recently launched with a full schedule of live and on-demand news and insights aimed at investors. This session will cover the strategy behind creating a network for informed investors, the technology behind it and the key learnings from the launch. 

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  • Earn viewer loyalty with better insights and personalization
  • Maximize your content monetization

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