Vuuzle TV

Unleashing live streamed studio productions.

Vuuzle TV is an ad-supported streaming service that provides viewers with a TV-like experience aligned with social video engagement trends for highly-personalized streams that today’s audiences want. Read how our Media Platform helped improve their workflow and generate greater ad revenue.


Vuuzle TV’s streaming service provides live events with real-time streaming features alongside video on demand content served as a virtual, live linear channel. However, with content coming in from multiple sources worldwide, managing a massive influx of content and creating tailored streams for each viewer became overwhelmingly complex. Plus, since Vuuzle TV is powered by programmatic advertising, they needed tools that could maximize ad fill rates to ensure Vuuzle TV’s survival. Vuuzle TV needed to: 

  • Improve their workflow
  • Deliver a more personalized ad experience
  • Maximize ad fill rates and revenue


Vuuzle uses our Managed Slicer as a Service to reduce the operational burden associated with managing over-the-top linear channel contribution, acquisition and ingestion. Vuuzle TV can now sidestep the traditional setup and management costs of connecting to studio setups located worldwide.

Our Smartplay SSAI enables Vuuzle TV to deliver ads personalized to every viewer. Smartplay encodes content and ads into a unified stream, guaranteeing broadcast-like quality. And because we can avoid ad blockers, Vuuzle TV reaches more viewers and maximizes monetization opportunities.

Moving forward, Vuuzle plans to leverage the Verizon Media Platform to move broadcast production into the Cloud, and decentralize the live production workflow, further reducing costs and offering greater flexibility for producers to control their feeds.


The Verizon Media Platform has become an integral component of Vuuzle TV’s robust, client-managed workflow. No matter their location, local producers can now ingest high-quality video feeds via RTMP or other methods right from their production room computers directly into the Verizon Media Platform. Ad insertion is also done locally, enabling more effective monetization of live streams, which have unpredictable ad breaks. The Verizon Media Platform helped Vuuzle TV:

  • Take greater control over production and ad breaks
  • Optimize monetization opportunities
  • Decentralize production and eliminate setup and management costs associated with having global studios
  • Deliver highly-personal viewing and ad experiences



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