How Teatrix made all the world its stage.

Teatrix brings theater performances to the homes of a growing base of fans across South America and around the world. Read how our Media Platform helped them control costs, easily stream to any device and drive rapid subscriber growth.


How do you broaden theater’s appeal and bring its best shows to the world? You stream them. However, bringing the boards to the world’s devices involves more than merely recording and streaming the production. Teatrix’s small but skilled team not only had to manage staging, cameras, lighting, and audio, they needed a simple streaming solution that offered:

  • Minimal investment in technology
  • Quick and easy setup without complex technical integrations
  • Ongoing control over expenses
  • Limited additional work required of current staff
  • Video quality worthy of a standing ovation


Our Media Platform gives Teatrix all the capabilities they need to stream plays, musicals, one-person shows and Argentinian and Latin American theater’s best to any device, pre-integrated into an all-in-one solution that’s billed by the hour. We provide Teatrix with encoding, simplified custom playback options, VOD stitching, DRM, and bitrate management. The Verizon Media Platform also provides:

  • All tools needed to manage monetization
  • Pay-as-you-go billing
  • High-quality streaming experiences
  • Pre-built viewing metrics so Teatrix can monitor viewing trends and payment of royalties to actors and directors
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service and support


For a startup to succeed, efficient capital investment and agile operations are key. With the Verizon Media Platform, Teatrix didn’t need to dedicate capital for technology infrastructure and integration. Nor did they need to dedicate personnel to debug technical issues, enabling a fast service launch and efficient use of capital. Our hourly billing model enabled Teatrix to grow without carrying a technology financial burden. Instead, Teatrix could dedicate capital to content creation, distribution and growth. Our massive global delivery network and scalable video platform provided Teatrix global distribution to new geographies like Spain and the U.S., growing new subscribers without retooling and reinvesting capital into network and capacity expansion. We helped Teatrix:

  • Launch a streaming service in less than 10 days with limited financial investment
  • Flawlessly distribute content globally
  • Easily add live streams without technology headcount and spend
  • Experience rapid subscriber growth from around the world 



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