Michael Kohn

Michael Kohn, VP of Platforms & Marketing

SnagFilms is focused on delivering premium content to its viewers, and Verizon has been the perfect technology partner. Verizon’s next-generation platform has reliably handled even the largest traffic spikes.

The Challenge

SnagFilms is a documentary and film website offering visitors access to over 5,000 movies and TV shows, free of charge. The website exhibits a world of undiscovered films; browsing through their extensive library of titles is like wandering through an indie video store. With genres ranging from politics and human rights to romantic comedies, the environment and even aliens, the website offers a large and unique collection. No matter what you’re interested in, there is always new and original content to discover.

All content on SnagFilms’ website is offered to viewers free-of-charge, so they rely on banner ads for revenue. Advertisements need to function and perform well to support the business and keep the website up-and-running. Thanks to Verizon Digital Media Services’ content delivery network (CDN), SnagFilms now delivers high-performing video content quickly and effortlessly to viewers.

Verizon Benefits

As a creative and innovative website, SnagFilms is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their performance. So in 2008, they turned to Verizon to leverage the latest and greatest technologies. With Verizon’s OTT/Broadcast Solution, SnagFilms is able to deliver the best possible experience to their viewers. They also utilize Verizon’s HTTP Large to support their banner ads and, as a result, ensure revenue. With Verizon on their side, SnagFilms was able to handle more traffic to the website that came with increased performance.

SnagFilms also benefits from Verizon’s Media Control Center, which allows them to monitor and handle their own website performance. Working with Verizon has allowed SnagFilms to prosper and grow into a successful website that offers visitors an ideal viewing experience, at no cost to the user.

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