Revolt TV

Grant Koeneke

Grant Koeneke, VP of Digital Engineering

REVOLT TV is much like its namesake; it revolts against everything traditional. REVOLT uses Verizon’s next-generation platform to strike a two-way conversation with its audience. Millennials demand the best viewing experience online anytime, anywhere. Before Verizon, REVOLT had to use several different vendors to deliver this experience; now it uses one solution from encoding to delivery.

The Challenge

REVOLT TV is much like its namesake; it revolts against everything traditional. It’s about striking a two-way conversation between music connoisseurs and a new music cable network — a network that knows exactly what to say and how to say it. REVOLT connects viewers ages 16 to 25 to personalized music programming — the kind that relates to them. And it’s not just about TV: REVOLT’s millennial viewers also demand the best online experience at their fingertips. So when it was time to launch their network, REVOLT needed to access the latest online video technologies to connect with its viewers anywhere in the world.

Verizon Benefits

REVOLT TV isn’t about passive interaction. It’s a music cable channel that lets viewers interact in real time and contribute openly to a conversation that never stops. Verizon’s Broadcast/OTT Solution allows REVOLT to deliver content to viewers everywhere on demand. It puts the things that matter to them where and when they want it — instantly and on all their devices. And for the REVOLT team, Verizon streamlined their workflows, saving time and money, by providing one evolved solution that powers content into next-generation experiences.


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