Refinery 29

Jake McGraw

Jake McGraw, Director of Technical Operations

Refinery29 is a global new media brand for smart, creative, stylish women everywhere. The company aims to deliver great digital experiences to these women. Verizon’s platform makes sure this experience is delivered on all devices. As more women gravitate toward viewing Refinery29’s content online, Verizon is there every step of the way.

The Challenge

Refinery29 is a lifestyle platform that delivers nonstop inspiration for women to live a more stylish and creative life. With over 1,800 stories published monthly and over 21 million monthly visitors, it’s crucial that Refinery29’s site constantly runs and functions efficiently.

From shopping and beauty to wellness and celebrities, Refinery29 provides lifestyle inspiration for women with up-to-the-minute programming. Accelerating this kind of experience is only possible with a next-generation platform, and Verizon is the perfect partner to help Refinery29 achieve their goal of becoming the #1 global new media brand for women.

Verizon Benefits

Refinery29 knows that women love their devices as much as they love their clothes. What’s more is that women want to have access everywhere, every day and on every screen. In fact, half of their website’s 258 million pageviews were accessed on mobile devices. Verizon’s Mobile Device Detection provides a mobile-optimized experience, for fashion-savvy individuals looking to keep up with the latest trends.

The range of information offered on the website is testament to just how versatile and broad the website’s audience is. Therefore, Refinery29 needs a high- performance, next-generation CDN to dress the website up and impress their users. Verizon enables Refinery29 to successfully deliver their mobile web application without compromise. Thanks to Verizon’s Rules Engine, Refinery29 can supply each woman with a customized 24/7 experience specific to her viewing habits.

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