RED Interactive Agency

Zach Glass

Zach Glass, VP, Digital Advertising

RED Interactive is a full-service agency that teaches brands how to interact with a digital audience. With Verizon’s next-generation platform, the agency can continuously innovate and dynamically pull important data. That accounts for billions of ad impressions and a network that never stops.

The Challenge

RED Interactive Agency is a digital agency that has deep areas of focus to effectively partner with brands and drive their business forward. From brand strategy and marketing/social campaigns to site and product development, RED finds gaps in the marketplace and brings its unique brand of innovation to the digital landscape. RED consistently delivers exceptional results for its clients by first gaining a deep understanding of their needs, customers and target market, and then combining insight-driven strategy and ideation with the highest levels of execution.

And they definitely know how to stir up a crowd! Leveraging creative and technology, RED displayed a livestream of Pacquiao training on the NASDAQ and Reuters billboards in Times Square and promoted his fight against Marquez on the biggest stages possible. RED’s industry-leading, dynamic HTML5 has helped clients, such as Netflix, stand out on mobile while their competition’s ads are stuck in place. With proprietary technology, RED provides ease and flexibility in scaling, testing, optimizing and updating live ad units on the fly, allowing clients like ESPN to outshine competitors throughout some of their biggest campaigns of the year. Since 1999, RED has delivered results for brands such as ESPN, Microsoft, Netflix, Nike, Disney and Ford. None of this would be possible without Verizon’s next-generation platform powering these unforgettable experiences to the viewers.

Verizon Benefits

Advertising for RED isn’t the traditional one-way communication ticket. It’s about generating reactions through unique digital experiences whether they be online ad campaigns, videos or social media interactions. They do this by connecting viewers with the brands that they love and on the screens that matter to them. Partnering with Verizon Digital Media Services just makes sense. For more than six years, Verizon has been RED’s most powerful ally behind all of their video ad campaigns. This partnership accounts for billions of ad impressions and a network that never stops. Our Media Control Center gives RED the flexibility they need to stay on top of each customer account and campaign. Most importantly, RED has found a faithful partner to support them in whatever way they need — whether it’s personalized 24/7 support from an actual engineer (and not a call center agent) or the kind that keeps their content up and running even during the heaviest traffic spikes.

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