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Mikel King

Mikel King, Director of WordPress Development

Reader’s Digest provides more than just magazine content; it also provides supplemental content online. In fact, 1/3 of readers are viewing content online, and this will only continue to grow. Reader’s Digest has taken steps to make the site more friendly and adaptive, and working with Verizon Digital Media Services has made the process a lot easier.

The Challenge

With over 70 million readers in more than 34 countries, Reader’s Digest appeals to a broad audience with a wide array of interests. Since 1922, readers have faithfully flipped through the magazine’s iconic compact design for information on everything from home and family to health, food and humor.

Having such a broad range of readers keeps Reader’s Digest busy. Over time, readers wanted to digest the magazine’s content while on the go, which meant future-proofing their business to deliver online content to multiple platforms and devices. If not, they would risk losing their readers to more web-centric publications. Finding the right content delivery network (CDN) partner to supplement their print material with versions for the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Google Play and Zinio became a primary focus.

Verizon Benefits

Verizon Digital Media Services’ CDN successfully connects Reader’s Digest with their mobile audience. First teaming up in 2012, Verizon supported Reader’s Digest as they migrated their former content management system over to WordPress, a seamless transition that allowed the magazine to update their systems without hindering the reader’s experience.

With the support of a CDN, Reader’s Digest could now power their content to multiple devices. Readers were thrilled with the ability to access their favorite magazine whenever, wherever they wanted. Word quickly spread about Reader’s Digest’s move into the digital age, and over the next year they gained 200,000 new subscribers. Going digital also allowed the magazine to publish issues more frequently, increasing from 10 to 12 issues per year, thus providing readers with even more content. Thanks to Verizon’s Rules Engine, static caching and HTTP Small Delivery they were able to keep all online content up-to-date and running smoothly.

Reader’s Digest attracted advertisers looking to increase their exposure to the magazine’s growing audience. Luckily, the addition of digital versions created more advertising opportunities, bringing the magazine a 30 percent increase in revenue from digital advertising alone.

By utilizing a CDN, Reader’s Digest conquered the digital age, giving readers easier access to more content. This feat brought about a surge in consumers, an increase in advertising and a constant need to keep up with the audience’s ever-changing interests. Verizon is there to support Reader’s Digest every step of the way, allowing the magazine to continue to scale as their readers’ appetites grow.

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