Connecting global artisans with buyers.

Novica is a fair-trade e-commerce site that connects shoppers with artisans. Our global delivery network made its website faster, safer, and more exciting.


Novica is where worldly shoppers find unique, handcrafted gifts. It’s a fair-trade marketplace that connects shoppers with global artisans, and there’s no other commerce site quite like it. With the relaunch of their website, Novica seized an opportunity to improve the site’s speed to support their fast-growing online presence. It was also a chance to increase security to create a safer shopping experience.


Our effortless onboarding process and self-service tools gave Novica the confidence it needed to scale its website with more products and reach more users.

Our delivery network significantly improved the site’s speed. And security features included in the delivery network have made the site more secure for global shoppers. Security features include:

  • Cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Rules Engine


In the first quarter of moving to our lightning-fast delivery network, Novica experienced:

  • The most phenomenal fourth quarter in company history
  • An increase in sales by more than 25% during the same timeframe

Our cloud-based WAF keeps their website up and available 24 x 7 by mitigating malicious attacks from the edge – away from the origin servers. With our Rules Engine, Novica stays in control of their content when and where they want it. They choose what attacks to mitigate and thwart while allowing legitimate traffic to come through, freeing Novica to concentrate on what it does best, and that’s to keep shoppers shopping.



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