Roberto Milk &
Charles Hatchmann

Roberto Milk, CEO and Co-Founder

Novica is an e-commerce platform that connects shoppers with global artisans and their unique products. Novica experienced phenomenal sales growth after partnering with Verizon Digital Media Services. Shoppers continue to enjoy a fun, fast experience, while artisans reap the benefits of worldwide exposure.

The Challenge

Novica is where worldly shoppers find unique, handcrafted gifts. It’s a fair-trade marketplace that connects shoppers with global artisans, and there’s no other commerce site quite like it. Shoppers are constantly flooding the website looking for that one-of-a-kind gift — the kind that you find only at a foreign bazaar. Novica’s popularity means it couldn’t risk having a slow user experience. They needed a powerful, lightning-fast content delivery network to support their fast-growing online presence. Plus, their shoppers demanded an exciting, secure shopping experience. That’s where Verizon stepped in.

Verizon Benefits

For Novica, fighting off cyber attacks both domestically and abroad is an everyday reality. Their website constantly interacts with sensitive information, including credit card info, private data, exclusive content. As the gatekeeper for their shoppers’ information, Novica takes pride in keeping their website protected. Their priority was to provide a unique, secure marketplace for shoppers, which meant finding the perfect security suite. Verizon’s effortless onboarding process and self-service tools gave Novica the confidence it needed to scale its website with more products and reach more users. Our cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) keeps the website up and available 24/7 by mitigating malicious attacks from the edge — away from the origin servers. With our Rules Engine, Novica stays in control of their content when and where they want it. They choose what attacks to mitigate and thwart while allowing legitimate traffic to come through. Verizon’s security suite frees Novica to concentrate on what it does best, and that’s to keep shoppers shopping.

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