Getting to market as quickly as the news.

Newsy’s mission is to provide unbiased video streams of global news. Learn how we simplified their production process, scaled distribution, and delivered a TV-like experience so they could become a news leader.


The internet is overflowing with opinion-laced media. Newsy saw an opportunity to provide a fresh point of view to capture younger audiences.Challenges they faced in creating anon-demand over-the-top (OTT) news channel included:  

  • Building infrastructure that addresses multiple video formats.
  • Delivering linear and on-demand assets to third-party OTT partners without additional encoding or packaging.
  • Scaling technology to meet demand spikes that come with breaking news.
  • Increasing partnerships with streaming video platforms to grow audiences.


Our Media Platform got Newsy to market quickly and easily. With our simple, cloud-based platform Newsy was able to ingest, encode, package, and deliver consistent, high-quality video streaming to audiences on any device, anywhere in the world. There’s no infrastructure to build or manage. Technology that Newsy is leveraging includes:

  • Smartplay technology, which creates highly personalized sessions by generating unique manifests for each viewer.
  • Dynamic ad insertion, which delivers ads personalized to each viewer while eliminating latency associated with fetching ads during breaks.
  • Our massive global network, which ensures a TV-like quality experience for users during periods of breaking news and unpredictable demand regardless of how many concurrent users there may be.


The Verizon Media Platform has helped Newsy become a top-ranked news channel on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. Since utilizing our platform, they’ve realized:

  • Seamless TV-like viewing experiences in transition from programming to ads.
  • Stronger viewer engagement and longer viewing times, which is increasing brand loyalty.
  • Improved monetization of content and revenue growth.
  • Increased number of streaming syndication partners and platforms to grow viewership across the nation.
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