“Despite an eighteen-hour cyber attack with peak requests greater than 150,000 per second, we were able to maintain business continuity for Logitravel, servicing more than 3,300 requests per second of legitimate traffic across 50 websites worldwide. Without Verizon and their Application Layer DDoS security feature, Logitravel would have experienced a catastrophic loss of customers, revenue and brand reputation.”

— Iñaki Fuentes
CEO, Bluekiri
Platform services provider to Logitravel, Smyrooms, Roomdi, and numerous other high-traffic websites.

Using Rate Limiting to protecting their business from a massive DDoS attack.

Logitravel is an online travel booking website that customers use to plan and book their vacations. In a typical day, Logitravel will service more than 200,000 transactions per minute. Recently, they experienced a massive targeted attack on one of their APIs. This application layer DDoS attack had peak requests of 9 million per minute. Despite the attack lasting 18 hours, there was no loss in service, and Logitravel was still able to transact legitimate customer traffic without interruption. Logitravel relies on our Edgecast Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Rate Limiting feature to keep its website live and protect its customers, reputation and revenue.

Verizon application

Logitravel selected the Edgecast CDN due to its layered cloud-based security to keep its site live and performing at peak levels without fail. Here are the products Logitravel is currently utilizing:

Download the case study to learn the reasons why Logitravel chose Rate Limiting and additional Edgecast CDN security features, including:

  • Instant propagation: Configuration changes take effect in less than 60 seconds, minimizing reaction times during a security event, reducing vulnerabilities and exposure.
  • Penalty box: Attackers are placed in a penalty box for 10 seconds, 60 seconds, or 5 minutes, freeing infrastructure resources to handle legitimate traffic.
  • URL targeting: Multiple filtering fields enable you to configure different rates for different pages, providing more flexibility and control per specific application use case.
  • Request method handling: Rate Limiting is based on HTTP request methods, further refining control, which allows different configuration for APIs vs. websites vs. mobile applications.
  • Flexible intervals: Rate limiting sampling windows of 1, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 300 seconds, giving granular control per site, URL, or application.

“Working with Verizon has been exceptional. They proactively protected us from attack and kept our website running flawlessly. You can’t ask for better protection or support than that.”

– David Verderjo
Chief Technology Officer, Bluekiri

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