Saying bon voyage to DDoS threats.

Logitravel needs to be live 24 x 7. A disruption in service grounds its business. Our delivery network and Rate Limiting feature keep its website live and protects its customers, reputation, and revenue.


Logitravel Group is a tourism company that helps over two million people each year arrange their vacations.

Like every online business, Logitravel is often a target of hackers, botnets, and bad actors looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit to crash their website and capture confidential customer and business intelligence.

Any interruption in service by an attacker will find customers traveling to a competitor. If Logitravel isn’t live, they risk losing tens of thousands of dollars a minute, damage to their reputation, and puts its growth and survival at risk. Logitravel needed protection at every level of their online business.


Logitravel selected our delivery network and its layered cloud-based security to keep its site live and performing at peak levels without fail.

Here are the products Logitravel is currently utilizing:

  • DDoS protection
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • HTTP Rate Limiting
  • Bot mitigation
  • Technical Account Management


Logitravel relies on our delivery network and Rate Limiting feature to maintain uptime and keep its customers happy. Recently, Logitravel experienced a massive targeted attack on one of their APIs. This application layer DDoS attack had peak requests of 9 million per minute. Despite the attack lasting 18 hours, we enabled Logitravel to maintain 100% uptime, providing 96 million online transactions across 50 websites to customers around the world. Our security solution prevented 8 hours of downtime, and untold financial losses.

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