“One thing Verizon Edgecast CDN wins in is availability. We tried a couple of CDN providers and were unhappy with their crash rate, but we’ve never had this happen with Verizon. And Verizon has many more endpoints than others. These two reasons, availability and number of endpoints, are why Verizon’s Edgecast CDN is better.”

— Marek Dajnowski, Chief Architect, Instapage

Landing more leads with Verizon’s Edgecast Content Delivery Network

Instapage is a technology company that offers a powerful set of landing page creation software products, which help businesses convert prospects into customers. Instapage’s software is cached on a content delivery network (CDN) and delivered to the edge nearest to users. Instapage’s users rely on the CDN’s always-on performance, so they can post, A/B test and edit landing pages at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, Instapage partnered with a CDN provider that crashed multiple times, leaving their users effectively out of business. Instapage needed a CDN with flawless reliability, performance and service. After choosing Verizon Digital Media Service’s world-class Edgecast CDN, there’s been no disruption, and their users’ landing pages are capturing leads all day, every day.

Verizon application

Instapage switched to Verizon’s Edgecast CDN because of our system availability, flawless reliability, value, superior performance and support. Products selected include:

  • HTTP Small
  • Origin storage
  • Basic Rules Engine
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Log delivery/retrieval

Download the case study to learn the reasons why Instapage chose to leave their legacy CDN for the always-on availability, stringent security and flexible configuration capabilities of Verizon’s Edgecast CDN, including:

  • Maximum performance of applications
  • Ability to change CDN behavior without development
  • Secure delivery of users’ content
  • Patented caching and acceleration technologies
  • Superior service from our 24 x 7 365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Greater control, automation, visibility and speed to market

“Migration to Verizon Edgcast CDN was very straightforward even though we didn’t do any kind of standard migration. We didn’t move the code; we didn’t move the object. We simply made one rule in our code, which changed the URL of the object, and we used Edgecast CDN’s gear as a reverse proxy, so some part of the object URL matches what it was before. It was 10 minutes of coding on our side and 10 minutes on Verizon’s side, and it was working.”

— Marek Dajnowski, Chief Architect, Instapage

the case study.

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