Landing more leads with always-on availability.

Instapage is a technology company that offers software products for creating landing pages. They needed flawless reliability, performance, and service. We delivered it all.


Instapage’s customers rely on their content delivery network (CDN) to always be live so that they can post, A/B test, and edit landing pages at a moment’s notice. If the CDN fails, they can’t create landing pages and lose out on customer data and revenue every minute. Unfortunately, Instapage partnered with two CDN providers who crashed multiple times, leaving their users effectively out of business. Instapage needed a CDN with flawless reliability, performance, and service.


Instapage switched to our delivery network because of its system availability, flawless reliability, value, superior performance, and support. Products selected include:

  • HTTP Small
  • Origin storage
  • Basic Rules Engine
  • Wildcard SSL
  • Log delivery/retrieval


Our delivery network has the performance, enterprise features, and capabilities Instapage needs as their business model and services evolve. Since making the switch to our delivery network, landing pages created by Instapage for their clients have experienced:

  • 100% uptime
  • Zero security-related outages
  • 131 million visitors
  • 22% average conversion rate in a recent 30-day period



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