E.W. Scripps

Seamlessly transitioning to OTT streaming.

E.W. Scripps is one of the largest independent TV station owners in the nation with 60 stations in 42 markets. Learn how they leveraged our platform to launch an OTT, direct-to-consumer streaming service.


E.W. Scripps is the nation’s fourth-largest independent TV station owner. To capture and retain viewers, they needed to go where viewers across the country are heading: OTT streaming. They came to us with three distinct goals:

  • Reduce inefficiencies created by disparate and complex workflows
  • Scale streaming operations across different TV stations and technologies
  • Capture a growing audience for local news on social and mobile platforms


We made the complex simple by centralizing video processing in the cloud and distributing tools that enable each station to control how they manage and stream live linear content, personalize, monetize, and more. E.W. Scripps used our Verizon Media platform to: 

  • Standardize the workflow across all their TV stations 
  • Integrate their ad server, Google Ad Manager, for dynamic ad insertion
  • Implement a real-time clipping tool for publication of video on demand (VOD) news across their local sites, social media, and mobile platforms to pull in viewership


Verizon Media onboarded 15 E.W. Scripps stations in less than a month, making it possible for viewers across the U.S. to get the brand’s local TV stations on their mobile devices. Since the transition, E.W. Scripps has: 

  • Eliminated complexity by working with a single, integrated media platform
  • Delivered personalized TV-like experiences with the seamless integration of relevant, engaging ads 
  • Engaged new viewers by distributing breaking local news on social platforms



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