Steven Amato

Steven Amato, CEO/Chief Content Officer

With Contend, on-demand access to personalized content becomes a reality. Contend challenged us to launch their over-the-top (OTT) app in only three days Verizon delivered on the promise. The collection of innovators, storytellers and collaborators saw their content go from online-only videos to a full OTT service on four different platforms.

The Challenge

Contend aims to inform and connect audiences with the content they want to share. From editorial and television, to advertising and live event capture, they are always looking for ways to use their content to disrupt traditional media, marketing and advertising.

Contend creates premium content to bring stories to consumers based on real insights. The team uses the data collected from consumers to inform their creative decisions, and create content with a full in-house production and distribution team.. Using this specific data tool that’s proprietary to Contend, they can research how and what consumers are watching. And now, having teamed up with Verizon, they can reach every user on every device.

Verizon Benefits

Verizon offered an end-to-end solution to help Contend deliver content on four different platforms, including an X-box, Roku, phone and tablet. In just three days Contend saw their content transformed into a full OTT service. After hearing of a television network’s delay in transforming their content, Contend CEO Steven Amato was skeptical that it could be done. But three days after meeting with Verizon, he was able to access a comprehensive app on multiple devices, consisting of all of their shows, programs, sub-chapters and write-ups.

Verizon provided Contend with:

  • One framework to develop custom applications
  • One format to encode high-quality video
  • One secure location to store video files
  • One set of analytics to help track and improve video performance
  • One worldwide CDN to stream video

Contend knows the importance of online video when it comes to consumers, and by partnering with Verizon, they can now reach users wherever and whenever. They are pleased and excited about the new development of their content to mobile and the resulting app, which has “premium functionality”. With a successful OTT platform launched, Contend sees a bright future in store. They can now deliver world-class technology directly to consumers powered by one of the biggest media companies in the world, without the need to worry about how the consumer reaches or gets the content: It’s all a one-stop shop.

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