Making the complex simple.

Complex Media is a powerful media collection for a complex generation. They wanted to optimize the online experience. We made it easy for them to get everything they needed.


Complex Media is a powerful web media collection for a complex generation of male influencers. Complex’s platform,, is an online incarnation of Complex Magazine. neither looks nor acts like the average website. It consists of a complex matrix of interconnected parts that grabs attention and commands interaction. Complex needed a delivery network that was as of the moment as their audience and could help them make culture pop.


Powered by our global delivery network, we make reliable, fast, and scalable thanks to our enterprise features and capabilities. Our highly interconnected global network features massive bandwidth capacity and advanced caching and acceleration strategies. We also embrace best-in-class, open-source technologies, and fast-routing IP Anycast technology for powerful, lightning-fast performance that spans the globe.


Thanks to a simple, effective user interface and an optimal online experience, has experienced ongoing growth and high engagement. Our network easily accommodates the demands of a community of creators and curators who engage with Complex all day, nationwide.



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