Complex Media

Aleksey Baksheyev

Aleksey Baksheyev, SVP Technology

Complex Media is a powerful media collection for a complex generation. Verizon Digital Media Services empowers Complex Media to provide a simple, effective user interface and an overall optimal online experience for its audience.

The Challenge

Complex Media is a powerful web media collection for a complex generation of male influencers. Complex isn’t a magazine, nor are they just a website. Rather, they are a community of creators and curators who are shifting the world’s attention to the movements in convergence culture. What is convergence culture? It’s where subcultures converge to form a complex culture. From style, music, sneakers, sports, games, gear and girls, Complex is reshaping the face of male mainstream to make culture pop. With the power of the internet and Verizon’s evolved content delivery network, Complex is defying the odds to motivate influential males into action!

Verizon Benefits

Complex’s platform,, is an online incarnation of Complex Magazine. neither looks nor acts like the average website. It consists of a complex matrix of interconnected parts that grabs attention and commands interaction, and this unique experience is powered by Verizon’s next-generation content delivery network. Designed as a go-to-resource for the ever-evolving lifestyle connoisseur, is a portal that gives users access to their passions and obsessions. And with Verizon powering the way, the website remains reliable, fast and scalable to accommodate the growing number of style-oriented males who want to engage and converse all day, nationwide.

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