Verizon Keeps the Game On
24 x 7 for Colts’ Fans

Customer Video Spotlight: Indianapolis Colts

With: Stephanie Pemberton, Senior Director of Marketing and Dan Plumlee,

Director of Interactive Media

The game is never over for Colts fans. Fans demand instant content both on- and off-season. They want to interact. They want to be involved. They want to watch anytime, anywhere. This can be anything from player interviews, press conferences to cheerleading tryouts. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to feed a hungry audience with Verizon’s platform.

The Colts Challenge: Feeding a Hungry Audience with Instant-On Content

Colts fans keep busy, both on- and off-season. The demand for instant, engaging content means has to rely on a powerful network to stream continuously and without fail. The sky’s the limit for the types of content and the amount that can stream, but keeping up with the fans’ appetite for new, engaging content can be troubling without the right tools, resources and the right network partner.

Verizon Gets the Job Done:

Verizon’s lightning-fast platform empowers to take control of its content and then stream live to a huge audience. There’s no waiting around; fans can practically glue themselves to their favorite player’s side in real time, whether it’s watching the actual game, catching the highlights post-game or listening to interviews. Fans can even watch games on demand. Verizon makes sure that fans get what they want, when they want it.

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