Cloud Security

Multilayered security
for a multi-threat world.

Dangers are everywhere. The solution is here.

The industry’s most complete cloud security offering.

Security threats are always evolving. Protecting your websites and apps from cybercriminals is a full-time job. Let us do the work for you.

Our Cloud Security Solution protects your websites and mobile apps with the industry’s most complete cloud security offering. Recognized by Frost & Sullivan as one of the top Holistic Web Protection solutions available today, you get comprehensive protection for your business against massive network-layer DDoS attacks, advanced application-layer attacks and every type of threat in between.

Protect your web applications and user data with our comprehensive Cloud Security Solution.

Integrated into our cloud platform, our security solution offers world-class protection to keep your website operating at optimal performance. Features include:

Dual Web Application Firewall

Don’t sacrifice protection for productivity. We’re the only provider to employ two distinct full-time Web Application Firewalls. This minimizes false positives by testing your rule changes in audit mode against production traffic while protecting your sites and infrastructure using previously tested rules.

Layers 3, 4, 7 DDoS Protection

Double your protection. HTTP Rate Limiting protects your web applications while DDoS Shield can defend your origin infrastructure if an attack targets your infrastructure directly by IP address. It’s reliability and reputation protection in one.

Bot Mitigation

Stop bad bots in their tracks. Advanced botnet detection and mitigation, which leverages fingerprinting technology to protect you against the most advanced bot attacks. We isolate botnet attacks, enabling you to allow good traffic in and keep bad bots out.

Managed Cloud Security

We’re always here for you. Dedicated Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) located in our Security Operations Center (SOC) manages, detects and mitigates security threats 24 x 7 x 365.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Knowledge is security. Monitor changes and is alerted to live threats and attacks within a few seconds of occurrence, giving you the ability to act sooner.

Our solution offers you:

A more powerful network

Larger is safer. With 57+ Tbps of globally distributed network capacity, you’re protected from even the largest DDoS attacks ­– capacity and protection other providers can’t match. It’s security that keeps your business in business for legitimate users, even during an attack.

A comprehensive feature set that doesn’t break your budget

Get value and protection without the security runaround. Work with a single provider who can cover all your cloud security needs, including DDoS protection, dual WAF, bot mitigation, Layer 3, 4, 7 protection and SSL/TLS encryption. With our flexible pricing model, you can protect 100% of your online domains without risking the health of your opex plan. Never leave a single one of your websites or applications unprotected again.

Industry-leading service and support team

You’re never on your own. Our Managed Cloud Security (MCS) service consists of expert security professionals dedicated to protecting your business. Beyond botnet mitigation and defending against automated threats, MCS provides strategic consultancy services and guidance through the Cloud Security Advisory group and Computer Security Incident Response Team to ensure your websites and mobile apps are always protected.

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Protect your company’s website and reputation.

Online threats are increasing in frequency and severity. Our comprehensive, integrated cloud security offering protects your website against DDoS attacks, botnets and hackers at every level to keep your business online.

your security.

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