Every viewer counts.

Reach every viewer on every screen
with the smarter video platform.

60+ minutes more!

According to Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report, the average American adult watches 63 minutes more media every day than they did just one year before, across every device.

CES is where the latest consumer devices take center stage. Regardless of what new device your viewers must have, our end-to-end platform makes every viewer count by simplifying the way your online content is prepared, delivered, displayed and will easily enable monetization on every device.

If you are planning on going to CES this year, be sure to catch one of our exciting panels:

C Space Storyteller: Verizon Digital Media Services with Newsy and Sinclair Broadcast Group

Thursday, January 5  |  3:30pm  |  Location: CES – C Space

Verizon Digital Media Services’ CEO Ralf Jacob will talk with leading content creators from a variety of different areas – including sports, news and entertainment – about how over-the-top (OTT) strategies and technologies have enabled them to engage audiences and further drive monetization opportunities.

Titans of Video Engagement presented by Variety

Friday, January 6  |  4:20 pm  |  Location: CES – Variety Entertainment Summit

Video dominates our attention – across all manner of format, including bite-size shared moments, serialized longer-form content, clever branded messaging and more. Who are the leaders in developing, distributing and marketing breakthrough video for audiences and brand partners? Platforms chiefs and their partners will share how they are moving the video explosion forward.

Meet with us at CES to learn more about “The Power of Open”.
We’ll be at the AOL ‘C Space’ in the Aria Resort.

Verizon Digital Media Services is powering the TechCrunch and Engadget live stream at CES.

Make every viewer count.

As the number of devices continues to grow along with the demand for more online content, it becomes more challenging to capture value from each and every viewer. Only a smarter platform can help you:

Increase ad viewing completions
Increase ad viewing completions
Simplify the way your ads are consumed with our server-side ad insertion technology
Grow your subscriber base
Grow your subscriber base
Deliver TV-like quality to every viewer on every screen
Attract and
retain viewers
Attract and retain viewers
Get smarter about what your viewers want with personalized online content and ad experiences with our cutting-edge 1 to 1 session management capability

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