See why TABcom chose Verizon.

TABcom eliminates price scraping with a bot-mitigation solution offered by Verizon

Case Study

TABcom is a multi-divisional internet company focused on the development of premium domains in the pet, equine, outdoor, and eco-friendly spaces, including,, and

TABcom’s platform and infrastructure offer online experiences that are at the pinnacle of their respective verticals. As just one example, the company is the largest online retailer of equine products worldwide.

“Competitors use bots to perform an ‘Add To Cart’ action, then scrape for price. If we drop our price to $1.99, an hour later it could be $1.98 at another site. Then the competitor’s product appears higher in search engine price sorts. Boom; we just lost a sale. Also, those types of queries represent a high computational hit, taxing our backend servers and impacting site performance,” Frenchu says.

Solving the bot problem once and for all

“One of our sites was almost 80% bots, while some of the premium domains were around 10%. Now, we don't have to deal with them at all.”

Tom Frenchu

Chief Information Officer

Solving TABcom's challenges

Competitive data mining and price scraping bots killing response times for legitimate customers

Tedious, manual bad bot investigations too little,

too late

Lost sales with competitors undercutting pricing in real time to rank higher in search engine price sorts

After choosing the bot-mitigation solution offered by Verizon

Eliminated bad bot traffic across entire network of eCommerce sites

Saved hundreds of hours of manual bot-blocking time per quarter

Clean analytics yielded a better testing environment for eCommerce funnel optimization

Every website in the world has a bot problem, but it takes a bot-mitigation solution to solve the problem.

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