See why CrunchBase chose Verizon Media.

CrunchBase cuts pageviews in half by blocking bots.

Case study

CrunchBase is the leading platform to discover innovative companies and the people behind them. It delivers market insights to millions of users and businesses around the world. The CrunchBase Dataset is constantly expanding through contributions from its community of users, investment firms and network of global partners. CrunchBase accelerates innovation by bringing together data on companies and the people behind them.

After completing the buildout of their 2.0 site, CrunchBase noticed oddly shaped traffic, along with random spikes, all of which were putting a tremendous strain on their servers. Kurt Freytag, CrunchBase's head of product, investigated and quickly came to the conclusion that they were getting hit hard by bots crawling their site.

“We looked for what was causing the hurt on our servers and discovered that a relatively small number of entities were aggressively crawling our site in a structured pattern,” said Freytag.

Guaranteeing a safer, better user experience

Kurt Freytag

Head of Product

“From an operations and scaling perspective, we're no longer affected by random, massive, ill-behaved crawlers.”

Solving CrunchBase's challenges

Random spikes in bot traffic were causing brownouts

IT lacked visibility, tools and staff to combat sophisticated bot attacks

Top priority was blocking bots without impacting users or ad deliveries

Leadership knew content theft could disrupt long term business model

After choosing the bot-mitigation solution offered by Verizon

Transformed server load to pure user load – well-shaped and predictable

Blocked bot attacks and stabilized web infrastructure with minimal effort

Cut pageviews in half without impacting users or

ad deliveries

Protected user-generated content, safeguarding long-term business model

Generated almost 1,000 prospects for CrunchBase’s commercial content license

Kurt Freytag

Head of Product

"We now have the ability to scale for our real user demand. And I'm confident that the data being shared is being used in the way it is intended to be."

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