Are You Fully Measuring Your Online Audiences

and Maximizing Ad Revenue?

From live to on-demand, viewers are free to enjoy TV shows when and where they want. Although this continuum of viewing is here to stay, content providers are now only just beginning to learn how to best capture the value of their audience across live TV, DVR and online video. Using the new C3/C7 measurement standards is an essential step in viewing measurement and an important evolution of TV ratings as consumer behavior shifts like never before.

Download our “Supporting C3/C7 Measurement Standards in the New Continuum of Viewing” white paper and learn:

  • How the new continuum of viewing is reshaping the way the industry accounts for success
  • The pros and cons of using new C3 and C7 measurement standards to track your online viewers’ habits
  • Why you need a next-generation video platform partner like Verizon to provide you the encoding flexibility needed to better support the new continuum of viewing, abide by the new C3/C7 measurement standards and ensure you get full credit for your online ads
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