Verizon Keeps Users Busy
with Fast, Reliable and Secure Experiences

Customer Video Spotlight:

With: Dan Davis, VP of Technology

Making home improvement easier for builders is’s mission. The site is popular among do-it-yourselfers. There are how-to and installation videos, plus online tools for builders to quickly identify products to get the job done. Providing a real-time, quick and nimble platform is crucial to the way does business. Thanks to Verizon, builders can expect their favorite site to be up and running 24/7.

The Challenge: Delivering High-Performing Experiences for Busy Builders

From installation videos to busy commerce, is loaded with dynamic content.Not only does the site need to run 24/7, it also needs to stay current, and updates need to be loaded instantly. SKUs, demos, articles, you name it. Builders place a lot confidence in, but they expect the site to be just as high performing as they are. needed a content delivery partner that could keep the site performing optimally.

Verizon Gets the Job Done:

Verizon’s next-generation platform and Commerce Acceleration Solution powers every day, loads updates quickly and keeps the shopping experience fun and secure. Since builders depend on the site for all their home improvement needs, Verizon’s platform and solution scale as demand grows. We take charge of site performance and shopper protection so that builders can just jump on the site, load a video, read an article, shop for a part or chat with an expert and then race back to the job at hand.

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