Meet the demand for more online video by becoming the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

It’s important for broadcasters to adjust their existing workflows to evolve into the Broadcaster of Tomorrow that can successfully deliver on the growing demand for online video. Only a Broadcaster of Tomorrow will be able to stay relevant within the new digital age.

The “year of the device” started in 2015 when online video consumption was at its peak.

Millennials are driving the demand for more online video, and broadcasters must understand this important segment’s viewing habits to successfully evolve.

Five steps to launch your video workflow

Step 1 | Extend your workflow

Avoid complicated, multi-vendor solutions and select a single partner who offers a streamlined digital media supply chain.

Step 2 | Integrate existing systems

Don’t duplicate broadcast equipment, scheduling software or ad-insertion workflows. Select a partner with the ability to integrate and automate existing broadcast systems for online distribution.

Step 3 | Prepare for scale

Select a partner with a video delivery network that can seamlessly provide support and scale as your audience grows, as well as for your largest online events.

Step 4 | Ensure quality

Viewers expect TV-like quality experiences on every screen. Choose a partner that has built-in quality and assurance tools  along with a holistic monitoring approach.

Step 5 | Plan for revenue

Creating revenue is no longer optional. Select a partner that supports advertising, subscriptions, rentals and purchases from a single administrative interface.

Learn how to become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow.

Find out what you’ll need to succeed in the world of video streaming today.

Winning the next generation of viewers.

Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst at nScreen Media, describes the evolving landscape for broadcasters and viewers.

Changes in consumer behavior are driving new methods of television content distribution.

Millennials are leading the way in changing consumer behavior from watching on a television to watching on a mobile device.

Choosing the right platform and technology partner is a key step in becoming the broadcaster of tomorrow.