June 22, 2017

Missed Our Webinar? Watch it On Demand: Content Intelligence and the Business of Streaming Video


Last week we featured nScreen Media Founder Colin Dixon alongside Verizon Digital Media Services’ Director, Marketing Communications Jason Friedlander and Director, Product Management Tad Ro for an informative webinar in which they uncovered the secrets to operating a business more intelligently.

They noted a shift in focus for today’s content creators. Broadcasters are no longer looking to launch a streaming service, as most have already accomplished that. Now, it’s about how to retain viewers who are more commonly canceling their service after they’ve binge watched all of the content available to them.

Viewer engagement lies in three areas that are ripe for optimization: personalization, the video workflow and the application of user data. Viewers need an individual reason to stay, so providers need key data to produce smart content tailored to each person.

With viewer insights, you can ensure that every ad served is relevant to the viewer. Broadcasters would be wise to invest in a system where you can ingest, manage content and read analytics, and tie everything together to make informed decisions about the content they create.

Your goal as a provider is to create quality, relevant content, and we’ve created a way to do that as simply as possible. Our Media Xperience Studio service is our unique Content Intelligent System that includes a feedback loop of data points to inform you of what your viewers want before you create your latest content. With the data to create personalized experiences and a streamlined workflow, you can ensure a successful and profitable OTT business.

Watch the webinar to learn how to take advantage of content intelligence so that you can run a smarter business.

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