January 19, 2015

The Answer to Simplified Streaming in 2015: A look back on the Consumer Electronics Show

Many CES attendees we met with didn’t understand how streaming could ever be simple. With the proliferation of so many disparate operating systems, different video formats and distinct consumer devices (Android alone is up to 18,796 in 2014 from 11,868 in 2013 — that’s 6,928 NEW devices in one year!), who can blame them? News and announcements at CES 2015 only reinforced the fragmented nature of the device environment, to say the least.

With fragmentation as bad as it is, the questions that rattle around in the brains of many CES attendees are nonstop:

  • “How are my customers going to interact on their devices and receive the quality online video experience they deserve?”
  • “How will I deliver an engaging, TV-like experience, to SO MANY devices?”
  • Will my operational costs skyrocket as my business takes off and the size of my library and file formats increase?”
  • “How do I keep up?”

Year after year. Show after show. Same pressures. Same worries. Until now.

(Queue the super hero music. Or you can wait until the end of this blog if you like when you click on our awesome infographic.)


Verizon Digital Media Services has paved the way for the highest quality digital experiences of tomorrow. Using a patent-pending universal file format that makes a single video format work across all devices and operating systems– our days at CES were jam packed in meetings with broadcasters, high-profile content owners and online video distributors who were looking for a better, more simple answer. They were all, naturally, super relieved.

For those folks who didn’t get to view our end-to-end demo in our meeting rooms, we showed our platform in action on streamingmedia.com.

From Tuesday to Thursday, our camera crew reported from the show floor each day, capturing great footage and interviewing some of the most influential people in the space about what today and tomorrow look like for digital media delivery.

After shooting in the mornings and editing in the afternoons, we ingested, encoded, encrypted, managed and streamed the segments using our next-generation platform- all within a matter of minutes – to every device, everywhere.

If you missed CES, don’t miss our inside coverage that was featured daily, front and center, on StreamingMedia.com. It’s everything you need to know about where the market is heading as we roll into 2015. Doesn’t that feel good? We certainly hope so.

Day 1: insideCES: New Devices, New Platforms, Less Fragmentation?

Day 2: insideCES: Are Consumers Ready for the Next Generation of TV Viewing?

Day 3: insideCES: Is Video Everywhere Creating New Revenue Streams?

Remember the infographic we mentioned earlier? You can download it here to see how and why “2015 Will Change Your Streaming Strategy Like Never Before,” and learn how Verizon Digital Media Services is prepared for these changes today.

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