August 19, 2014

Strategies For Winning Millennials' Loyalty

Millennials are fiercely brand loyal. 70% say they come back to brands they love. But, getting their attention is harder than ever. A generation whose purchasing power will exceed $200 billion in 2017, Millennials are very specific about who they trust and spend their money with; they do their research first before making purchasing decisions.

For e-commerce and fashion brands this raises the question: how do you build a relationship that makes them want to come back and trust you?

Investing in a great user experience is a first step. Treating them like red-carpet guests, tastemakers, and experts in the fields of fashion and beauty is a close second. That’s according to Anthony Citrano, VP of communications at Verizon Digital Media Services, who recently presented at the Second Annual WWD Digital Forum London.

Speaking to executives from global fashion brands and retailers, Anthony took a close look at the world of Millennials — and provided strategies on how to turn them into happy shoppers, based on data from Verizon Digital Media Services’ Millennial Study.

Watch the video of Anthony’s presentation to learn about the 10 most important thoughts on Millennials’ world: